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Cikgu Matthias Steves

Cikgu Matthias Steves

Cikgu Matthias Steves - Jurulatih PSGFM German - Köln

C.V. Seni Gayung Fatani Malaysia

Cikgu Audran (aka cikgu Audy) is one the 2 Guru (Silat Master) in the PSGFM Europe organization. He started to practice Silat Seni Gayung Fatani in 1999 with the late Tuan Raban. In 2002, Tuan Raban asked him to become one of his assistants at the Kajyn club in Paris.

In 2006, cikgu Audy was graduated as Jurulatih (trainer), among with cikgu Jérôme and cikgu Bertrand. From this moment, Tuan Raban took a step back and asked his Jurulatih to take in charge his club.

In 2015, Tuan Raban sadly passed away