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TPSK - Köln Germany

TPSK – Köln

TPSK is huge organization that hosts our Silat section in the city of Köln in Germany. It was opened in November 2016.

LeC Loisirs et Culture - Montigny-Lès-Metz France

Loisir et Culture – Metz

The Loicirs et Culture (LeC) center hosts our Silat section in Montigny-Lès-Metz, in the East of France. It was opened on octobre 2016.

COEGF Caillaux - Paris France

COEGF Caillaux – Paris

The COEGF Caillaux is our training center in the 13th district of Paris. Our training section there was created in April 2017.

Maison Du Taiji - Bagnolet France

Maison du Taiji – Paris

La Maison du Taiji is the main training center of all our Silat sections in Europe. It is based in the city of Bagnolet, in the surburb of Paris, France.